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British Car Auctions

The UK and Europe's largest used vehicle marketplace.
Call 0344 875 3480


UKCGR consists of 6 branded sales offering a huge range of stock, from budget to prestige vehicles.

Each branded sale has its own criteria offering clarity and understanding of the vehicles represented in each of the sales sections.

UKCGR stock available 24/7 on BCA Buy Now:

Value & Choice

Monday: Bedford, Blackbushe, Bridgwater, Derby, Leeds & Peterborough
Tuesday: Brighouse, Edinburgh, London, Newcastle, Nottingham & Walsall
Wednesday: Blackbushe, Manchester, Measham & Wolverhampton
Thursday: Bedford, Livingston, Preston & Walsall
Friday: Blackbushe, Peterborough & Paddock Wood
Saturday: London

  • Eligible vehicles with BCA Essential Check
  • All with V5
  • Many with warranted mileage
  • Vendor representation for instant bid decisions

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Car Sales

Bedford - 12:30pm

Every Monday

Bedford - 9:50am

Every Thursday

Blackbushe - 9:30am

Every Monday

Blackbushe - 10:00am

Every Wednesday

Blackbushe - 9:30am

Every Friday

Bridgwater - 1:30pm

Every Monday includes Mechanical reports Follows UKCGR No Reserve.

Brighouse - 3:30pm

Every Tuesday

Derby - 12:15pm

Every Monday Trial for Essential Check.

Edinburgh - 4:30pm

Every Tuesday

Leeds - 2:10pm

Every Monday includes Mechanical reports

Livingston - 4:45pm

Every Thursday includes Mechanical reports Up to 50 cars.

London - 10:00am

Every Tuesday

London - 12:45pm

Every Saturday includes Mechanical reports

Manchester - 3:40pm

Every Wednesday

Measham - 2:00pm

Every Wednesday includes Mechanical reports

Newcastle - 10:05am

Every Tuesday Increased volumes.

Nottingham - 2:00pm

Every Tuesday

Paddock Wood - 1:10pm

Every Friday NEW Selling day.

Peterborough - 1:30pm

Every Monday

Peterborough - 9:45am

Every Friday

Preston - 1:40pm

Every Thursday

Walsall - 5:20pm

Every Thursday

Wolverhampton - 4:00pm

Every Wednesday


All eligible vehicles with BCA Assured.