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Paying your BCA invoice online

You can now pay your BCA invoices online.  This guide tells you how you can pay for your vehicle with a Debit card (Bid-Now or Buy-Now customers only), or directly through your bank account (All customers).

How can I pay BCA directly with my Debit card?
How can I pay BCA through my bank account?
Looking for BCA's bank details so you can pay online?
How do I pay my invoice(s) online?

How can I pay BCA directly with my Debit card?

  • If you have purchased a vehicle through the Bid-Now or Buy-Now online channel, you will receive an email shortly after making your purchase. This email will contain a secure link to the BCA payment gateway, where your invoice details will be displayed along with your BCA account details. You can enter your Debit card details here and your payment will be taken immediately. Please note we only accept UK issued Debit cards for online payments.You should print a copy of the receipt page after you have made your payment.

  • This is the quickest way to pay and settle your invoice and is available 24/7. Your payment will be immediately applied to the invoice, releasing your vehicle for collection or delivery where arranged. Maximum transaction limit is £20,000.

  • If you wish to collect your vehicle, please contact the BCA Auction Centre holding your vehicle to confirm the vehicle is available for collection and the appropriate ID needed to release to you or your representative.

  • You should ensure all the details displayed on the invoice page are correct, and that the website URL you see starts with: https://payments.british-car-auctions.co.uk

How can I pay BCA through my bank account?

  • Simple and convenient – 'Faster Payments' is generally available via a Banks online or telephone banking facility, and usually in-branch too.
  • Available 24/7 with minimal charges or free, 'Faster Payments' clear almost immediately. However, we suggest you check with your bank to confirm their processing hours or payment limits - see Does my bank allow Faster Payments? below. 
  • Please quote your invoice or account number to help us process your payment without delay. Kindly note that 'Faster Payments' received after 5pm will be processed on the next working day (Monday to Friday).
  • If your payment is above the 'Faster Payments' limit imposed by your Bank you should be able to arrange a CHAPS payment with your Bank, which is processed in banking hours only and incurs higher charges.
  • If you buy vehicles online via Live Online, you may already receive your invoices by email. With online payments, you can now pay these invoices online without having to visit a BCA centre to pay.
  • All buyers who have purchased vehicles in the auction hall can save time by not potentially waiting to pay at the cashier. Buyers without a BCA cheque account who would normally wait for cheque clearance before collecting vehicles, can now take possession of vehicles quicker by paying for invoices online.

Looking for BCA's bank details so you can pay online?

BCA’s bank details are shown below. These details are for electronic payment only.
(Please take care to note this information down accurately.)

How do I pay my invoice(s) online?

You’ll need your BCA invoice, your BCA account number and the registration details of the vehicle(s) you’ve purchased. Your bank account will need sufficient funds available to cover your invoice amount. The image below shows where to find the required information on your invoice.

  1. Visit your banks’ website. After you have signed in using your banking login details, you’ll need to choose to set up a Faster Payment. Banks may vary in what they call this, some call it a ‘Payment’, others a ‘Bill Payment’. If in doubt, consult your bank’s customer service team.
  2. Setting up your payment. When setting up your payment you will be asked for the following information. It is vital you enter this information correctly:


Does my bank allow Faster Payments?

All UK banks have agreed to offer Faster Payments, however some of the smaller banks offer lower payment limits. Please contact your bank to check what limits may apply.

What other ways can I pay my BCA invoice?

For more information on other ways to pay BCA and for rules and regulations around deposits etc, please visit http://www.british-car-auctions.co.uk/default.aspx?page=11151

Is it safe paying my invoice online?
Remember to stay safe online by protecting your personal details and only ever enter financial information on a trusted website like your bank or a recognised company like PayPal. For more on staying safe online, visit http://www.getsafeonline.org

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