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Ways to Buy Online

Sometimes it is not always possible to travel to a BCA Auction Centre, or you may need to source a specific vehicle over the weekend.  Either way, BCA makes it easier to find and buy stock online with confidence and from a huge range of vehicles. Exclusively available to professional motor traders, eligibility criteria apply.

BCA Live Online

Offering you real-time virtual access to our physical auctions, enabling you to bid and buy on the vehicles as they pass through the auction hall, without having to be there in person.

BCA Live Online

BCA Bid Now

Bid Now sales give you the opportunity to place bids in online tender auctions, at any time of day, directly within BCA Search from an from an extended range of vehicles.

BCA Bid Now

BCA Buy Now

Buy Now sales offer you the chance to purchase vehicles 24/7 at a fixed price directly within BCA Search, enabling you to source specific stock at any time.

BCA Buy Now

BCA e-Auction

e-Auctions take place virtually online within BCA Live Online and are auctioned by an auctioneer, but the vehicles are not physically presented or driven through the auction hall.

BCA e-Auction

What does it cost?

When you purchase a vehicle online there is an additional online buyers’ fee. (these fees are subject to change)

If the vehicle is listed as onsite at a BCA Branch then the fees are:

  • Normal buyers fee charged at your MyBCA card colour rate
  • Online fee of £44.00 + VAT
  • Delivery (UK mainland only)

If the vehicle is listed as BCA Offsite (excluding e-Auctions) then the fees are:

  • Buyers fee of £70.00 + VAT
  • Delivery (UK mainland only).  Dependent on mileage of delivery and capped at a set rate. Commercials are priced on application.


Access to an additional source of stock, that is not destined for auction

  • Buy stock 24/7 when you want
  • Delivery to anywhere in mainland UK (Please see prices and terms and conditions below)

New source of Offsite stock, only available to buy online

Delivery Terms and Conditions

Vehicles purchased online (excluding BCA Live Online) - will be delivered at the following rates:

Up to 200 miles £104 + VAT
201 to 300 miles £156 + VAT
301-400 miles £208 + VAT
Over 400 miles price on application

All vehicles purchased at these sales will be delivered to UK mainland addresses usually within 4 working days (normal payment terms apply).   Buyers will not be able to collect vehicles from auction centres.  BCA will charge as above for delivery to UK mainland addresses - excluding vans.  Delivery to non-UK mainland addresses will be charged at normal delivery rates.  Vehicles purchased from BCA Live Online sales are exempt from this promotion.  To opt out from delivery please contact the Buy Online team on 01530 514365.  As part of this delivery offer, vehicles will either be plate driven or transported.