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Payment, delivery & collection

Once the hammer comes down on your vehicle, you will want to take it away as soon as possible.


BCA charges a fee for purchasing a vehicle; this is referred to as the Buyers Fees.  The Standard Buyers Fees are available at all BCA Auction Centres.

The MyBCA card programme provides the opportunity to earn discounted Buyers Fees.

Illustrated below is the typical saving you can benefit from when you achieve MyBCA Gold card status:

Hammer PriceBuyer Fees including VAT
MyBCA Blue cardMyBCA Gold card
£1,000 £382 £209
£2,000 £437 £258
£5,000 £555 £300
£10,000 £694 £333

Please note:  Additional Buyers Fees are applicable in respect of vehicles other than cars.  The standard additional fee per vehicle/item is £33.00 (inclusive of VAT)*

Blue Card - Up to 3 vehicles per annum
Gold Card - 12-99 vehicles per annum

Online Buyers Fee*

When you purchase a vehicle online including BCA Live Online there is an additional online buyers’ fee* of £44.00 +VAT per vehicle. This fee may be subject to change.

* Eligibility crieria applies. Please visit here for full details.

Please note that other fees may apply:

  • BCA Assured Fees   BCA Assured is a 30 point mechanical check. 

BCA Assured fees depend on your MyBCA Card colour, all prices shown exclude VAT:

Card Colour

BCA Card - Black


BCA Card - Platinum


BCA Card - Gold


BCA Card - Silver


BCA Card - Blue


BCA Card - Non account

Non Account

Fee *ex VAT £16.00 £28.50 £35.00 £42.50 £47.50 £52.50
  • Credit Card Fees  Payment may be made by credit card up to a value of £50,000.
  • Cash Handling Fees  Payment by cash is accepted (up to a maximum of £8,000 in a rolling 30-day period per customer) and will be subject to a cash handling fee of 1.25% + VAT.**
  • Storage Fees  Vehicles not paid for or not collected on time will be subject to daily storage fees for each day or part day that they remain overdue or onsite. The payment date is printed on the vehicle invoice. The collection date is advised when the vehicle has been paid and the pass-out is issued.
  • V5 DVLA Notification Fees  The name and address details of new owners of vehicle purchases by non-account buyers are notified to the DVLA.  The charge for this notification is £26 incl. VAT



* We reserve the right to amend Buyers Fees in relation to specialist sales.  Please contact the relevant auction centre before bidding.

** BCA reserves the right to refuse to accept cash or other payments and/or require additional information before accepting payment (regardless of the amount involved).