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Google Chrome Technical Help

Issue - no live video or sound 

Solution 1 - Check your Google Chrome browser is up to date

1)    Please check in the first instance that your Google Chrome browser is up to date. You can do this by clicking on the circle with the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of your browser, then click on Help, About Google Chrome.

2)    If an update is available, it will automatically install this for you as shown below.

3)    When the update is complete you will then need to click on Relaunch, as shown below.

4)    You will then need to re open BCA Live Online and log back in. If you are still not seeing the video and play button please continue with the steps below to enable Flash Player.

Solution 2 - enable Flash Player

Google Chrome has disabled Flash Player, which will affect your experience while using BCA Live Online. If not resolved you will no longer see the video of the live auction as shown below.


To resolve this and enable Flash Player you will need to take the following simple steps:

Step 1

When logged into BCA Live Online select the padlock icon in the top left hand corner of the screen and this will then display a drop down menu. Next to Flash on that menu you will see a drop down menu to the right, click on that menu as shown below.

Then select 'Allow' as shown below. 

Step 2

A message will then appear at the top of the screen saying 'To apply your updated settings to this site, reload this page'. Please click on the blue button saying 'Reload' as shown below.

Step 3

Flash Player will now be enabled and you will be able to see the video in the bottom right hand corner as shown below.

If you require any further help or support please contact the BCA Live Online team on 01530 279120 or email bcaliveonline@bca.com.