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British Car Auctions

The UK and Europe's largest used vehicle marketplace.
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Would you like to save time and attend your favourite sales 'virtually'?

Exclusively available to professional motor traders* BCA Live Online gives you a fast, simple and secure way to stock up on the vehicles you need wherever you are - whether you are in the office accessing via your desktop or out and about accessing via your iPad.

Why choose BCA Live Online

  • The online service offers you real-time virtual access to our physical auctions, enabling you to bid and buy on the vehicles as they pass through the auction hall, without having to be there in person.
  • Access the best of both worlds and buy online with the same confidence as at a BCA physical auction, plus the vehicles we offer in BCA Live Online sales come from known sources with accurate as possible descriptions of their condition, graded from 1-5 or unclassified. Detailed explanations of the condition grades
  • Plus dedicated access to e-Auction or Bid Now, Buy Now auction sales. All of these vehicles can only be purchased online, and will include 'Offsite' stock that is located at a Vendor's facility.

* Eligibility criteria applies





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