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British Car Auctions

The UK and Europe's largest used vehicle marketplace.
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Who can buy online?

To be eligible for BCA Bid Now you need to hold a valid BCA Trade Buyer Account.

MyBCA Gold, Platinum or Black cardholders are eligible to buy online.

MyBCA Silver cardholders who hold an existing BCA Cheque Account facility* or ALL of the 4 supporting documents below:

  • Evidence company is a trade premises (e.g. photographic evidence, website address, HMRC Tax confirmation letter)
  • Motor Trade Insurance with at least 90 days remaining (please note you will need to provide this information on a rolling 12 months from the date your account is opened)
  • Evidence of company trading history (e.g. invoices from a reputable auction house - BCA or another)
  • VAT registration number (individual consideration will be taken into account for those buyers who are not VAT registered)

* Please note: new BCA Cheque Account facilities are no longer available.

Meet the eligibility criteria and ready to apply?

For further questions on eligibility please contact applybcaliveonline@bca.com

If you already have access to BCA Live Online, you will already be set up to take part in a Bid Now sale.