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BCA Assured Report Changes

BCA Assured

Continuing to keep you updated on the changes in BCA Assured, you will see below an explanation of the changes to the wording on the BCA Assured Report.

Old Wording (pre 11th January 2019)

New Wording (11th Jan 2019 onwards)

Oil contamination Oil / coolant contamination
Engine bay noise Aux belt / pulley noise
Brake test Brake efficiency test
Clutch / autodrive take up Clutch slipping (static test)
Steering Steering Noise
Suspension noise / ride height Suspension ride height
Aircon (excl. temp and gassing) Aircon receives power (ex. gassing)
Sat nav operates (excl. functionality) S-Nav receives power (ex.functionality)
ICE operates (excl. functionality) ICE receives power (ex.functionality)
Roof Electrics Convertible / sunroof electrics


BCA Assured reports produced before Friday 11th January 2019 will show the 'Old Wording'.

BCA Assured reports produced from Friday 11th Janaury 2019 onwards will show the 'New Wording'.

See the BCA Assured Guide for more details on the assessment and report.

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