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BCA Assured


BCA Assured is a 30+ point mechanical Inspection undertaken in partnership with the AA at our network of Remarketing Centres across the UK.

The report gives you a snapshot of a vehicle’s mechanical condition at the point in time when the assessment took place

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Below you will see a brief overview of the areas the assessment covers, and you can see a sample report here.

For a more detailed explanation of the assessment, how its carried out and what the findings mean, read our BCA Assured Guide.

Read More about:   Engine Bay     Engine Running      Tyre Tread     Interior Checks     Dynamic Operation

Engine Bay

    Explanation of the process

  • Engine Oil Level
Pull out dipstick (where applicable), check fluid level.
Oil below Min - oil will be added.
Oil above Max - will be noted.
  • Oil / Coolant Contamination

Remove coolant / filler cap and pull out dipstick.
Any indication of impurities noted.

  • Brake Fluid Level, Power Steering Fluid Level & Coolant Level
Look at fluid reservoirs to ensure above Min
and below Max fill level.
Fluid below Min - fluid will be added.
Fluid above Max - will be noted.
  • Battery State of Health

Attempt to start vehicle engine.

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Engine Running

    Explanation of the process

  • Starts

Pull out dipstick (where applicable), check fluid level.
Oil below Min - oil will be added.
Oil above Max - will be noted.

  • Engine Running / Smoking

While engine running, look for any visible leaks across top of engine / abnormal internal engine noise / smoke coming from engine bay / exhaust.
Check for engine running smoothly

  • Exhaust Condition
While engine running, listen for any noise coming from the exhaust.
Check if exhaust secure.
  • Aux Belt / Pulley Noise
While engine running, listen for any unusual noises coming from belts or pulleys.

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Tyre Tread

    Explanation of the process

  • Check all 4 tyres in 3 places

Each tyre measured in 3 places with tyre tread depth gauge.

  • Tyre Observations

Look for any cuts on tyre wall / unusual wear patterns / punctures / canvas exposed.
Any damage noted.

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Interior Checks

    Explanation of the process

  • Engine Management Lights

Check if engine management light illuminated.
If illuminated - diagnostic machine connected and result noted.

  • ABS Warning Light

Check if ABS light illuminated, (where applicable).

  • Brake Wear Indicator Light
Check if brake wear indicator light illuminated, (where applicable).
  • Airbag Warning Light
Check if airbag warning light illuminated (where applicable) - area noted.
  • Other Warning Light
Check if any warning lights illuminated.

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Dynamic Operation

    Explanation of the process

  • Steering Noise

While vehicle is stationary steering wheel is turned to full lock, left and right, any unusual noises are noted.

  • Handbrake / Parking Brake Test

Handbrake / parking brake is applied and car put into 1st gear.
Throttle applied to check for vehicle movement.
Same test applied with reverse gear.

  • Static Gear Selection (engine running)

With engine running:
Manual transmission - selection of each gear while handbrake / parking break is applied.
Semi / Automatic transmission - selection of each gear indicated on the gate as being available for manual selection.
(NB. This test is carried out during the first and reverse test drive)

  •  First & Reverse Test Drive & Clutch slipping (static test)

1st gear selected, throttle applied, vehicle moves off and brake applied to come to a halt within 20 meters, up to maximum 15mph.
Meter used to measure g forces when braking.
Same test applied for reverse gear.
Check for gear engagement / brake efficiency / any unusual operation noted.
Check for clutch slipping.

  • Brake efficiency test

Check for gear engagement / brake efficiency / any unusual operation noted.

(NB Vehicle remains  stationary throughout this check)
  • Suspension ride height
Car driven over 20m drive test, noting any difference in ride height.
  • Aircon receives power (ex. gassing)
  • S-Nav receives power (ex. functionality)
  • ICE receives power (ex. functionality)
Attempt to switch on the system, check if it receives power.
  • Central Locking (excluding Key Fob)
Car is locked and unlocked using the main key supplied.
Doors and boot door all lock and unlock.
Any abnormal operation noted.
  • Convertible / Sunroof Electrics
Convertible roofs / sunroofs opened and closed.
Any noises or unusual operation is noted.

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All findings are correct at time of inspection.

This list has been provided to help you understand how we conduct the BCA Assured assessment.

You can read more about BCA Assured in the BCA Assured Guide.

For more information see our BCA Assured Terms and Conditions.