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BCA Assured report known issue on iOS devices

We are currently experiencing an issue that may affect your viewing experience of the BCA Assured report (Mechanical Report) on Apple devices including iOS on iPhone and iPad and MacOS on Mac.  This is mainly when using Safari, but you may also experience on Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. When viewing the report in your browser or with Preview, you will no longer be able to see the colours for highlighted issues and in some cases headings will also be missing.

While we investigate this issue please follow the simple steps below for a quick fix.

Solution for MacOS

Please download Adobe Acrobat for free from the Adobe Acrobat website and use this to view BCA Assured reports that you have downloaded.

Solution for iOS devices

To resolve the issue you will need to take the following steps:

Step 1

 Download Adobe Acrobat reader from the App Store.

Step 2

 While inside the BCA Assured report click anywhere on the report and the words More… will appear in the top left hand corner. Please click on this.

Step 3

You will then see a series of icons. Please scroll across until you see the red icon Copy to Adobe Acrobat as shown below. Please click on this icon.

Step 4

The report will then be automatically created as an Adobe PDF and you will now be able to see the report in full, including all the colours.

Step 5

If you would like to print the PDF or share it please click on the action button in the bottom right hand corner. As shown below.

If you require any further help or support please contact BCA Customer Services on 0344 875 3480 or email customerservices@bca.com.