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What is BCA Assured?

It is an independent 30 point mechanical check carried out by the AA.
It is not a detailed Mechanical Inspection or an MOT and we do not road test the vehicle.

What does the BCA Assured Report Cover?

The check includes a 20m onsite drive test to test brakes (using VOSA approved brake testing equipment), a laser check of tyre depths, an inspection of the running of the engine, a gearbox check and a check of suspension and fluid levels. Also covered are checks of warning lights, Air conditioning, Sat Nav, Radio and the central locking and sunroof where appropriate.

Why doesn’t every car have one?

Only cars under 8 years & 120 000 miles for vendors that have agreed to have this check on their vehicles will be BCA Assured.  However cars registered on the "current plate" or immediately "preceding plate" do not have a BCA Assured Inspection.  Non Runners are also excluded from the BCA Assured scheme.

Why only cars under 8 years & 120,000 miles?

These vehicles were selected following feedback from our buyers as to which vehicle they were most interested in receiving the check, excluding "current" or "preceding" plate cars.

Will the scheme cover LCVs?

The majority of Light Commercials offered on behalf of a number of our vendors at Blackbushe, Manchester Belle Vue Commercials, Measham Commercials and Glasgow are covered by BCA Assured and Video Appraisals.  Most LCVs will have the benefit of a mechanical report regardless of age or mileage.  Find out more.

How will I know if a vehicle is BCA Assured?

If a vehicle is BCA Assured there will be a mechanical report on Auction View (a button next to the Inspection on the vehicle details screen). A copy of the Mechanical Report will be attached to the vehicle on the day of sale.

Who checks the cars?

All our inspections are carried out by qualified  AA inspectors.

How do they test the brakes?

The testers use VOSA approved brake testing equipment over a 20 metre test drive.

How do I make a claim?

For all BCA Assured claims please visit here

How much will BCA Assured cost buyers?

The fee you pay for a BCA Assured report depends on your MyBCA Card colour, all prices exclude VAT.
View the rates.


Read more in our BCA Assured Guide.

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