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Engine Bay

  • Engine Oil Level
  • Battery State of Health
  • Oil Contamination
  • Brake Fluid Level
  • Power Steering Fluid Level
  • Coolant Level


Engine Running

  • Starts
  • Engine Running
  • Engine Smoking
  • Exhaust Condition (No leaks & secure)
  • Engine Bay Noise


Tyre Tread

  • Check all 4 tyres in 3 places using laser gauge
  • Tyre observations

Interior Checks

  • Engine Management Light
  • ABS Warning Light
  • Brake Wear Indicator Light
  • Oil Warning Light
  • Airbag Warning Light


Dynamic Operation

  • Brake efficiency test using VOSA approved equipment
  • Hand Brake Test
  • Static Gear Selection (engine running)
  • Steering
  • 1st & reverse test drive
  • Clutch/Auto Drive Take Up
  • Suspension Noise/Ride Height
  • Aircon (excluding temp and gassing)
  • Sat Nav Operates (excluding Functionality)
  • ICE Operates (excluding Functionality)
  • Central Locking (excluding Key Fob)
  • Roof Electrics

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