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Whether you’re buying in the auction hall or online, accurate vehicle information is key.

BCA Assured is an independent multi-point vehicle check carried out by the AA at BCA.

Read more in our BCA Assured Guide.

We have updated some wording on our BCA Assured report, read more about it.

The AA Inspectors make over 30 basic checks on the vehicle to make sure as a buyer you have accurate information relating to the mechanical condition of the vehicle. BCA Assured covers a range of features from the condition of the tyres, to engine running, to a VOSA approved brake check.
Furthermore, if you purchase a vehicle from BCA with a BCA Assured report, you have 48 hours or 500 miles (whichever comes first) to contact us should you find something that has been misreported.

  • Includes over 30 different checks across engine bay, engine running, tyre tread depth, interior/dashboard and dynamic operation
  • Carried out by qualified AA Inspectors

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How much will BCA Assured cost buyers?

The fee you pay for a BCA Assured report depends on your MyBCA Card colour, all prices exclude VAT.

Card Colour

BCA Card - Black


BCA Card - Platinum


BCA Card - Gold


BCA Card - Silver


BCA Card - Blue


BCA Card - Non account

Non Account

Fee *ex VAT £16.00 £28.50 £35.00 £42.50 £47.50 £52.50


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