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Customer claims with BCA

BCA Online Vehicle Grading Claim

How to make a new claim

The details below are designed to give you guidance on what happens when you make a claim and the steps involved from when you first register a claim with us, to getting it all settled.

Step 3

Once your claim has been reviewed our technical team will assess all the documentation, and advise if you claim is valid and then discuss the best way to resolve your claim.

Our commitment to you

At BCA we are committed to giving customers the best possible buying experience, and are constantly refining and further improving all our processes - including those where a buyer may wish to raise a complaint or issue after purchasing a vehicle.

We promise to:

  • Make it clear and simple if you wish to raise a complaint
  • Carry out our complaints process in an open and responsive way
  • Be objective, consistent and systematic in how we work to resolve complaints
  • Constantly review our complaints processes so they are relevant and up-to-date with any changing needs