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BCA Assured Claim

Customer claims with BCA

You are more than likely on this page as you have discovered a discrepancy between the vehicle(s) you have purchased and the BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid Report provided for that vehicle, and you want to make a claim.

Keep reading, as we explain if you are eligible to make a claim, what details you need to provide to ensure we can process your claim as swiftly as possible and what happens during the claim process.

You can also find out more in the BCA Assured / BCA Assured EV/Hybrid Guide.

Terms and Conditions update 6th Jan 2020

Make a claim

How to make a claim


Complete Online Claim Formor call us on 0330 102 8461

What happens next...


Once we have your claim (whether registered online or by phone) the following will happen:

 next step A member of the Customer Services Claims team will review your claim.

next step You will hear from us within 48 hours of registering a claim.

next step Depending on the fault we may be able to send our support partners out to diagnose and fix the fault for you at an agreed location.*

next step If the fault requires further diagnosis and investigation, our Technical Team will review the claim.

next step Our Customer Services Claims Team will keep you advised and updated throughout the claim process until the claim is closed.


I want to know whats happening with my existing claim.


*some minor faults / warning lights faults can be fixed at the roadside/agreed location. Please call us to discuss your claim.


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