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British Car Auctions

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An accurate description of a vehicles condition as early as possible in the defleet process is paramount. BCA will inspect your vehicles wherever they are, whether based in the field, at a vehicle storage facility or a BCA remarketing centre. 

Our highly trained inspectors utilise the latest generation proven technology to produce vehicle condition reports. Customers can choose from three different levels of inspection and condition reports – Bronze, Silver or Gold – depending on specific needs. Furthermore reports can include estimation of any damage along with repair methodology. Also completely bespoke sets of inspection parameters can be utilised if required.

Inspections can take place at lease-end, mid-term or early termination, if appropriate to put in hand remedial work well in advance of any remarketing. The process is fully transparent and provides customers with timely, accurate vehicle inspection and condition information so they can make informed decisions on every vehicle, which may include:

  • Damage recharge
  • Vehicle repair and preparation

If you choose, inspections can be fully integrated with collection and other subsequent BCA remarketing activities such as vehicle repair, preparation and allocation to sale.