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LCV market improves in September, says BCA

BCA Commercial Pulse September

Average light commercial vehicle values improved at BCA in September 2019, with both corporate and dealer vendors seeing average values rise.  The month saw the market lift and was typified by strong attendance and confident bidding across BCA’s network of LCV centres, both in-lane and online.  

The average monthly value across all LCVs sold by BCA improved for the first time since May 2019, rising to £7,034 in September, an improvement of £77 (1.1%) compared to August. 
Year-on-year table: All vans

BCA COO UK Remarketing Stuart Pearson commented, “We saw LCV demand improve markedly at BCA in September, with rising stock levels and a more diverse model mix at a variety of price points to encourage professional buyers, who were out in force and actively sourcing stock.  BCA LCV auctions nationwide were well attended in September, with plenty of competitive bidding both in-lane and online.”
He added “The average monthly value across all LCVs sold at BCA improved in September, despite average age continuing to rise.  It was the first monthly uplift across the board we have seen since May 2019.  Values improved for fleet & lease stock while values for dealer P/X vehicles rose for the third month running.”
Fleet and lease LCVs averaged £7,800 at BCA in September 2019, an increase of £156 (2.0%), month-on-month.  Year-on-year values were down by £717 (8.4%) as average age continued to rise.  Sales performance against Manufacturer Recommended Price fell by 3.7 percentage points year-on-year.

Year-on-year table: Fleet & lease LCVs

Part-exchange LCV values improved for the third month running, although there was a modest rise of just £6 recorded in September.  Year-on-year values were behind by £104 (2.2%) with average age and mileage falling compared to a year ago. 

Year-on-year table: Part-Ex LCVs

Nearly-new LCV values averaged £13,833 at BCA in September 2019.  As always, these values have to be taken in the context of the volumes reaching the market, the model mix factor and availability of stock.  

Year-on-year table: Nearly-new LCVs