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LCV buyer demand remains strong at BCA in November

BCA Commercial Pulse November 2019

Robust demand and competitive bidding contributed to another strong month for average light commercial vehicle values at BCA in November, 2019.  Average values improved by £227 (3.2%), year-on-year, with corporate, dealer and nearly-new stock all rising compared to 2018 and in-lane and online auctions were very well attended throughout November.

Buyer demand was sustained throughout the month, with good levels of supply from vendors at every price point.  Buyers continued to focus on the best specified and presented vehicles, with hard-worked, damaged or base specification examples needing to be sensibly valued if they are to sell first time.

Year-on-year table: All vans

BCA COO UK Remarketing Stuart Pearson commented, “November 2019 was another strong month for LCV sales at BCA with good levels of demand and average values well ahead year-on-year.  BCA is offering a broad selection of attractive and desirable stock from a wide range of corporate and dealer sources and this is keeping buyers interested and prices firm.” 

He continued “Bidding via the BCA Buyer app and BCA Live Online has been strong and increased competition from digital buyers is keeping values firm.  There is ongoing demand for vehicles suitable to work in the parcel delivery and courier sectors and a continued focus on LCVs in ready-to-retail condition.”

Fleet and lease LCVs averaged £8,362 at BCA in November 2019, an increase of £72 (0.9%), month-on-month and the third highest monthly average value ever recorded for corporate LCV stock at BCA.  Year-on-year values were up by £362 (2.0%) despite average age and mileage both rising.  Sales performance against Manufacturer Recommended Price fell by 1.7 percentage points year-on-year.

Year-on-year table: Fleet & lease LCVs

Part-exchange LCV values averaged £4,686 at BCA in November 2019, a fall from last month’s record performance, but ahead by £117 (2.6%) year-on-year.  The market for part-exchange stock has noticeably improved since the summer months, with rising demand across the range of stock on offer.

Year-on-year table: Part-Ex LCVs

Nearly-new LCV values averaged £16,267 at BCA in November 2019, a significant month-on-month improvement of £2,197 (15.6%) and ahead by £136, year-on-year.  As always, these values have to be taken in the context of the volumes reaching the market, the model mix factor and availability of stock.

Year-on-year table: Nearly-new LCVs