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BCA Buyer app launches new digital Sale Day catalogue

BCA has released a major update to its Buyer app with the introduction of a new digital Sale Day catalogue.   This new feature delivers the same content as the daily printed catalogues available at BCA centres nationwide but via a seamless online experience with even more features.

The new digital Sale Day catalogue includes a breakdown of each individual sale by vendor or section at every BCA branch, with details of which hall the sale is in, the current lot number and the number of vehicles entered. 

App users can drill down into the catalogue to see the detail of each individual vehicle including description, images, valuation data, grading and BCA Assured reports.  The new feature also enables users to have a quick view of a selected BCA centre’s sale programme for the current and next day’s trading.

This update to the BCA Buyer app means customers now have everything they need in the palm of their hand for every sale day, no matter how large the catalogue is, or which hall the lots are being offered in. The BCA Buyer app is the go-to mobile solution making sale day easy and more productive for customers. 

More than 50% of BCA’s professional buyer base has been using the BCA Buyer app since it launched last year, with frequent user numbers continuing to rise.  The BCA Buyer app lets customers manage their buying with BCA, wherever they are, leaving them free to manage their day-to-day activity at the dealership and focus on those all-important retail sales.  Customers can bid live from the BCA Buyer app in all sales across all BCA locations including e-Auctions, as well as purchase stock instantly 24/7 in fixed price ‘Buy Now’ sales.

Dene Jones, Chief Marketing and Data Officer said: “The BCA Buyer app continues to evolve, delivering even more functionality and accessibility for our customers, and making it even easier to conduct business with BCA.”

“With mobile becoming the device of choice for sourcing and buying vehicles on the go, BCA have developed valuable tools which seamlessly bring online and physical together. The BCA Buyer app is the must-have digital buying tool, designed to simplify finding and buying stock with BCA, anytime and anywhere.”

The BCA Buyer app streamlines the buying process to ensure that customers never miss a vehicle.  The app is free to download in the App Store and Google Play Store.

BCA continues to roll-out regular updates to the Buyer app based on user feedback so it consistently evolves with the needs of customers, making it even easier to locate and bid on the vehicles.