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Recruitment Open Day at BCA Blackbushe

We believe our people are the best in the business. They are friendly, expert and professional and they understand that providing excellent service to our customers is how we grow the company and really enjoy our work.

Because they are so important, we treat them properly. We try to make working for BCA rewarding in every sense, including a positive work environment and exciting career options. We are always interested in talented people to join our team.

Looking for a job in the fast lane? We’ll help you steer your career.

Our Graduate Development Programme is now entering the sixth year and we have learnt a lot.

What we do know is that at this stage of life, not everyone knows exactly what they want to do. So, our rotational programme gives you the opportunity to explore different areas of our business and then choose the career path that is right for you.

Based upon a selection of established business placements operating on a rotational basis over a 12 month period, you will gain real in-depth experience across different areas of the business. And with over 50 employment locations, regular travel and overnight stays across the UK will be necessary. Needless to say accommodation will be provided as required, as well as the option of a company car and fuel card.

It is our vision to see our graduates successfully complete their programme and take the next step in their career with BCA. As a ‘Graduate Management Trainee’, we not only want you to aspire to one day be in a management role, we want you to be the future leaders of our business.

We will provide you with tailored training and mentoring support helping you to unlock your maximum potential. You will also have the opportunity study alongside your programme to help you further build your skills and capabilities with the right qualification.

What we need from you is your ambition, drive and talent.
Start date:  February 2020

How to apply:
Applications now open for 2020.

To apply for one of our Graduate Development Programmes, please download and register on the Debut app (available to download in the iOS App Store & Google Play Store).
Apple app store    Google play store

BCA’s Graduate Development Programme

We have two graduate programmes; both include management-training, workshops to enhance your skillset and a final presentation to senior management at the end of your programme. It is fast-paced, challenging and extremely rewarding.

You will be understanding the bigger picture and seeking to understand where your strengths lie at BCA. Often, our graduates are involved with a lot of different projects and presentations along the way.

Throughout the programme, we will support your development. Through embedding a qualification into this programme, you will use your experiences and projects to support the study of your qualification.

During your programme, you will have a mentor who will provide tailored support throughout the programme. You also will be paired up with a previous graduate, because who knows what you are going through better than they do?

Our 2019 Graduate Development Programmes:

Graduate Development Programme – Commercial Operations:

As a ‘Graduate Management Trainee’ on BCA’s Graduate Development Programme (Commercial Operations), you will rotate around some of the key business areas and services of BCA.

Our Commercial Operations Graduate Programme is a 12-month rotational programme made up of six two-month placements. You will spend time in our core business area (UK Remarketing), Sales; and four of our value-added service divisions, Fleet Solutions, Automotive, Vehicle Services and Logistics.

Graduate Development Programme – Business Finance, Efficiency, Data and Computer Science:

As a ‘Graduate Management Trainee’ on our BCA Graduate Development Programme (Business Finance, Efficiency, Data and Computer Science), you will rotate around some of the key business areas of BCA.

This more focused Graduate Programme is also a 12-month rotational programme, however, we will match your skillset to the most suitable two 6-month placements within any two of 5 specific areas of our business; including BCA Partner Finance, Autos on Show, Business Efficiency, Data and “special” projects.

Frequently asked questions:

Q.    How long will I have to stay away for?
A.    With over 50 employment locations, graduates should expect to undertake a considerable amount of travel and overnight stays. Many of our graduates stay away from home Monday-Friday for the majority of their programme.
Q.    Where will I be based?
A.    As a Graduate Management Trainee, since you will be rotating around the business on your set placements, you will not have a ‘base’ location.
Q.    Will I have to relocate?
A.    During the programme, we support our graduates with the travel and overnight stays through providing accommodation and the option of a company car and fuel card.
Q.    How many positions are available?
A.    This year we have 12 graduate positions available. 
Q.    Do I need a specific degree subject to apply?
A.    For our Commercial Operations Graduate Programme, you will not need a specific degree subject to apply.
       For our Business Finance, Efficiency, Data and Computer Science Programme, we are looking for graduates who have a background in Maths, Finance, Data, Computer Science or Project Management.
Q.    Can I apply if I got a 2:1 in my degree but have completed a Master's qualification?
A.    We only accept applicants who meet the criteria of a 2:1 at bachelor degree level.
Q.    Where will the application stages be held?
A.    We run assessment centres in various locations, in our auction centres. The most suitable assessment centre locations will be reviewed nearer the time of this stage, as this will reflect the geographical print of our applicants.
Q.    What will my working hours be?
A.    Your working hours are 8:30am-5:30pm.  Working hours may occasionally vary to accommodate extensive journey times for our graduates and the working pattern of a specific department.
Q.    I haven't got my final degree grade yet - can I still apply without providing this?
A.    We need proof that you are on track for a 2:1. Therefore, you will need to submit either the following for your application to be considered:
       Official evidence of second year final mark.
       Official evidence of marks obtained up until point of application.
Q.    I have already applied once and was unsuccessful, can I re-apply?
A.    Unfortunately, we do not accept unsuccessful applicants from a previous year. However, please take a look on our careers page to view our most recent opportunities.
Q.    Can I apply for both programmes?
A.    You can only apply for one of our programmes. Should you apply for both, your application will only be considered for the first programme applied for.

Should you have any further questions, please email graduate@bca.com