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About Guide Pricing

BCA is able to offer guide pricing information to motor trade professionals. If you are in the motor trade and would like access to guide pricing data, please register here.

For the private motorist

If you are a private motorist interested in purchasing a vehicle from auction and looking for guide information on second-hand vehicle prices, there are numerous information sources available. Some are listed below;

You can then attend an auction armed with pricing information on the vehicle(s) you are interested in and see the potential value that buying from auction can offer.

We should point out that used vehicle prices at auction reflect actual prices paid on a given day. As such, they can fluctuate depending on a number of factors, such as seasonal demand.

Tip: BCA recommend that you attend one of our auctions for the first time, observe and get a feel for both the prices paid and the whole auction environment and experience. After your first visit, you can then set your budget and plan your return to buy your vehicle.